Activated nuts are much more healthy, nutritious and
 lighter on your digestive system!

 Activating nuts involves soaking them in water (with sea salt) for 8 hours (or up to 24 ours)

and dehydrating below 46 °C for a further 12-24 hours until dry and crispy.

Pili nuts are essentially the seeds of a Pili tree. When you soak the seeds in water it activates the germination or sprouting process. The raw nut in its dormant form becomes activated with enough 'life force' to be able to

grow into a tree under the right conditions. Raw nuts and seeds are living foods

that just need a little push to make their incredible nutrition available.

What does activation do?

Neutralises Phytic Acid

Nuts and seeds contain phytic acid.

Phytic acid binds to important minerals 

found in pili nuts such as zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese in the digestive tract, making them unavailable. When we consume

foods with phytic acid, our ability to

absorb the full benefits of these 

minerals is compromised. 

De-Activated Enzyme Inhibitors

Nuts and seeds contain enzyme

inhibitors that prevent the seed from

sprouting prematurely while waiting for the perfect conditions (warmth and moisture) to germinate. These enzyme inhibitors force

the human digestive system to work

much harder and can cause

discomfort and bloating. 

Releases Toxic Substances

Nature's defence mechanism for

nuts includes toxic substances (found

for example as a bitter aftertaste) that can be naturally removed by soaking. These toxic substances include enzyme inhibitors, phytic acid, tannis and goitrogens. Soaking nuts

will also encourage the production

of beneficial enzymes. 

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