Top 5 Buys from Vegan Life Live - By Keep Fit Kingdom
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'If you’re a fan of nuts then this one should definitely tick your box! Raw & Wild offer a type of nut which is incredibly nutritious and have an amazing taste. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company, Yiannis, who told me how these nuts are hand harvested in the Philippines and then are left to dry in the sun before being shelled opened by a Bicolano shell expert. They are then activated; a process which involves the nuts being soaked in water with sea salt until they are dry and crispy. The reason for doing this to activated nuts is to remove the toxic substances from the nut and to also make it more nutritious. Regarding RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) per 100g, Pili nuts contain 146% of your Vitamin E, 76% of your magnesium and 20% of your iron. After trying these nuts myself, I have to say that they taste incredible. They’re hard and crunchy on the outside but as soon as you bite into them you encounter a highly palatable, rich, creamy texture. I highly recommend the chilli version of these, they’re incredibly tasty!'

Raw & Wild Pili Nut Review - By Foxy Hot Girl
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To me, pili nuts taste similar to cashew nuts but BETTER! They are now actually my favourite nut ever, I cannot get enough! They are smooth and crunchy with just the right amount of bite to them! The nuts are chopped quite small but this is perfect for me!


Pili nuts are silky smooth, for me I would say they are a cross between a cashew nut and a peanut! I think they would be awesome for making raw desserts or vegan cheese! I use mine to top currys and they give a nice crunch to the meal!


I cannot get enough of these tasty nuts! I love supporting smaller companies and I love it even more when the product is actually good for my health! I would really recommend the sea salt flavour if you are into salted nuts! The macros are great and the taste is just spot on! No nasty bloating either which is the main advantage for me! I will be stocking up and I hope to try the other flavours soon! If the price was slightly cheaper, I would buy more often, however nuts aren’t ever the cheapest food anyway, and compared to competitors, I believe these are very fairly priced! I am crossing my fingers that Raw and Wild decide to make a pili nut butter, how bloody epic would that be!

"Pili Nuts - delicious (especially the Cacao ones!) and packed with essential micronutrients."