Here at Raw & Wild we offer one of the most nutritionally packed and appetising nuts on the planet. We pre-sprout and dehydrate our pili nuts to preserve all the vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients. The activation process breaks down complex starch, neutralises the phytic acid found in all nuts and seeds and ignites the 'life force' of the nut.

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We use the finest and healthiest raw ingredients possible.


The keto Kitchen review of Raw and Wild Pili Nuts

The Keto Kitchen Review of Raw & Wild Pili Nuts

"These are the best nuts I ever munched on... nom nom."

Carl Youri

"Different from any other nut."
Anton Rogov

"Pili Nuts - delicious (especially the Cacao ones!) and packed with essential micronutrients." 


"Pili Nuts - delicious (especially the Cacao ones!) and packed with essential micronutrients." 


"They are incredible!"


"You've definitely got a permanent purchaser in me!" 

Jem (#puddleduckazilla)

"I bought two packs from planet organic and went back the next day for four more packs! Insanely delicious!"


Raw & Wild Pili Nuts
'If you’re a fan of nuts then this one should definitely tick your box! Raw & Wild offer a type of nut which is incredibly nutritious and have an amazing taste. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company, Yiannis, who told me how these nuts are hand harvested in the Philippines and then are left to dry in the sun before being shelled opened by a Bicolano shell expert. They are then activated; a process which involves the nuts being soaked in water with sea salt until they are dry and crispy. The reason for doing this to activated nuts is to remove the toxic substances from the nut and to also make it more nutritious. Regarding RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) per 100g, Pili nuts contain 146% of your Vitamin E, 76% of your magnesium and 20% of your iron. After trying these nuts myself, I have to say that they taste incredible. They’re hard and crunchy on the outside but as soon as you bite into them you encounter a highly palatable, rich, creamy texture. I highly recommend the chilli version of these, they’re incredibly tasty!'


Jemma Joel @ Keep Fit Kingdom

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