Raw Vegan Energy Protein Balls

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Oh my Rawww!, it’s hard not to sound a little nuts when we get into how much we love these little protein energy balls. Perfect on-the-go snack to anyone. We promise that this recipe will make you and your loved ones fly!

Raw vegan protein ball with pili nuts

Preparation time: 30 minutes


70g Original Pili Nuts

8-10 dates

1 tbs tahini 

3 tbs plant-based protein

1 tbs extra virgin coconut oil

2tbs raw Cacao Powder or Matcha Powder (or both) 


In food processor/blender crush pili nuts and protein powder together, after add dates, coconut oil, and tahini. Once you get a dough like consistency take it out and separate into halves

so you can then make 2 flavours, use one batch to mix with the cacao powder and second with matcha. Feel free to experiment and if you make it yourself, we'd be very happy to hear how you made it.

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